Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Tequila y Mezcal, new restaurant from Taqueria Habanero folks, now open at 14th and Otis

Muy bien! There's a new option for Mexican in our area, as Tequila y Mezcal is now open at 3475 14th Street NW. It's from the folks behind the awesome Taqueria Habanero at 14th and Spring.

The bar has a variety of cocktails such as a hibiscus mezcal margarita which Eater says is "rimmed with citrusy chile de arbol tajin and sal de gusano (worm salt)", as well as menu items like mole from Oaxaca and the  seafood options from the Yucatan Peninsula. There are four groups of menu items: salads, shareable, chef's specials such as entrees, and tacos. eater highlights molotes, which are balls of sweet plantains filled with black beans and cheese, then friend and placed on poblano pepper mole. Sounds awesome. 

There's also a tile-covered bar, which looks pretty awesome. Just looking at it, it seems more of a bar than Taqueria Habanero. So far it has excellent reviews on Yelp.

This location was previously El Atardecer, a Central American restaurant, as well as DC Fish Carryout, which was busted in 2012 as a drug market. I'm certainly happy to see another spot from the Habanero folks open here.

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