Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Whoa! Korean BBQ with tabletop grills coming to 14th and Monroe, former Jenkins BBQ & Ruby Tuesday space

This is awesome news: a Korean restaurant with tabletop grills is coming to 3364 14th Street NW, the big space at 14th and Monroe that was the short lived Jenkins BBQ and slightly longer lived Ruby Tuesday.

Washingtonian has the story, it will be an outpost of the Iron Age Korean BBQ chain, which has 8 other US locations (including two in Virginia and two in Maryland) and one in Thailand. According to Washingtonian:
Iron Age is known for its affordable all-you-can-eat menus ($20-to-$25 per person in the Washington suburbs) and industrial red-and-black decor. DC diners can expect the same, though some locations have slight menu variations.
That sounds awesome. There will be about 35 tables and the opening date is uncertain -- the article mentions it could take a year to finish buildout, and also suggests permits may be tricky. What else is new, right?

It sounds like a great addition to the area, and I hope it's more successful than the other two. I would suggest they advertise and are open regularly, unlike the mysterious Jenkins (pictured above).

Here's their website.


  1. Interesting development; have to say that I don't consider $20 - 25 per person affordable; (assuming this without drinks and appetizers and pre-tip) sounds less like the kind of place to drop in for a quick meal with friends and more like a special event night location. We really need more places that cater to moderate income people who live in this neighborhood.

    1. There are tons of places that are low to moderately priced in the neighborhood. That is all there is. We need more restaurants of this caliber in the area.

  2. When the hell is the WaWa on Irving st gonna open?


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