Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Thanks for putting up with our April Fools posts

April 1st is over, and we're back to our regularly scheduled programming. Thanks for bearing with this site's regular April Fools posts. We've been running them for about ten years (at least, when April 1st is during the week) and I hope you enjoyed them.

In past years, I moved to Gaithersburg and reviewed all the Chili's there, we learned that Wonderland was getting replaced by a Taco Bell, I became a nudist and changed the blog to Nude Columbia Heights (which featured a nude happy hour at Bad Saint), there's a new real estate firm focused on adding cell phone stores, banks and 7-Elevens to our area, Banneker Pool became a private Crossfit gym, and celebrity chef Spike Mendelsohn was taking over The House strip club and changing it to "The Champagne Room."

There were also lots of DCUSA empty space-related jokes, such as Disney opening a hotel there, a new curling ice rink opening, the parking garage adding luxury micro-unit condos, and Tim Horton's going in. I wish a few of those were true.

And then there's my favorite: "hey, check out this door."

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