Monday, April 1, 2019

Mayor's proclamation: rebranding Columbia Heights the CoHi Landing Technology Corridor

With all the news today from 11th Street and technology, Mayor Muriel Bowser and Ward 4 Councilman Brandon Todd have issued a proclamation. For one, they’ve announced our area will be henceforth called the CoHi Landing Technology Corridor. The rebranding will include the area from 16th Street to Georgia Avenue and Spring Road to Florida Avenue.

“With the coming Amazon HQ2, we believe that 11th Street NW and the Columbia Heights area should be given a new name that matches the businesses on the street, as well as the city’s commitment to technology, bitcoin, the cloud and block chains.” wrote the proclamation. “We think this rebranding will help us attract visitors and technology firms to the previously underutilized 11th Street storefronts, and hope that many new tech firms will open soon on the street and many Amazon employees will move to the area. Also the cloud is involved.”

They also revealed a new logo for the neighborhood, which will be hung as banners from light posts around the area.

The proclamation also included an honorary street name for 11th Street: Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Boulevard. The signs will be installed shortly. Like other honorary street names in the city like Abe Pollin Way near the Capitol One Arena and Rev. Dr Edward Thomas Way at 13th and Fairmont, the old street names are still official, but you can send a letter to the honorary ones. So Bad Saint could be at 3226 Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Boulevard. Unclear if that needs a NW or not, as there is already one in SW. They included a mockup:

In addition, Councilmember Brandon Todd introduced a bill to appoint a city blockchain and cloud mayor to work as a liaison between cloud, blockchain and Bitcoin businesses and local residents. Councilmember Jack Evans also said he can help connect blockchain businesses with the Council through his non-council job.

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