Friday, April 19, 2019

Councilmember Nadeau holding public safety meeting April 30

Just got this from Ward 1 Councilmember Brianne Nadeau. Read on, and I'll update once they sent out a location.

4th Annual Ward 1 Public Safety Meeting

Join me for my fourth annual Ward 1 public safety meeting. You can learn about how DC agencies are working to address crime in Ward 1, as well as meet your MPD officers.
We’ll have a new format this year based on feedback from previous years.
We’ll open at 6:30pm with an open house featuring representatives and brief remarks from MPD Commanders, the U.S. Attorney’s Office, the Office of Neighborhood Safety and Engagement, Collaborative Solutions for Communities, the Ward 1 NEAR Act Study Group. Each representative will have a table and residents can mingle and ask questions.
Then at 7:30pm, we’ll be joined by neighborhood MPD officers for those who would like to meet an MPD officer who works in their neighborhood.

What: 5th Annual Ward 1 Public Safety Meeting with Councilmember Brianne Nadeau
When: Tuesday, April 30, 2019
6:30pm: Open house with brief remarks
7:30pm: Meet neighborhood MPD officers
Where: Ward 1 Location TBD

I want to make sure all residents feel welcome, which is why we have a new format that strives to strike a balance. MPD plays an important role in maintaining public safety in Ward 1, but based on feedback from residents last year we have reduced the number of officers who will be present during the open house portion of the evening. That said, I’m aware that many residents appreciate the opportunity to meet their neighborhood officers, which will happen during the second half.
Unfortunately, we are not able to provide childcare due to the limitations of how Council funding may be spent, but children are welcome and we'll have a coloring corner for the big kids.  
We will provide pizza for dinner.

Mark your calendars!

Brianne K. Nadeau
DC Councilmember, Ward 1


  1. Wow. The same things she has been saying for five years. I’m sure this time it’ll be different. Those who repeat the mistakes of the past are doomed to repeat them.

  2. What are you talking about? It is literally an invitation to an event and there were no political or policy statements. This comment was likely added by a bot.

  3. I went to this. It wasn't really about public safety so much as social services. It was ok, but Nadeau kicked off the meeting by telling the small crowd that the police would be on the right side of the room, so if your afraid of them she wanted to let you know. Weird.

    1. Well that is not helpful at all but sadly seems to follow her philosophy about police. Simply perpetuating a belief about our police by isolating them instead of using it as an opportunity to work on unification is incredibly naive but not surprising.

  4. I left this meeting horrified at how naive and clueless Nadeau was. She was so disrespectful to the police and treated them worse than actual criminals. Does she realize that bullets are flying all over her ward? Or that robberies are spiking? She has a hatred for the police which makes it impossible for them to do their job. Police aren’t the only answer, but they’re the only short term solution. The same old, tired overly-optimistic solutions she offered haven’t worked in five years.


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