Friday, October 12, 2018

Amen Coffee & Juice now open at Georgia and New Hampshire

There's another option for coffee in the area: Amen Coffee & Juice just opened at 3661 Georgia Ave NW, just south of New Hampshire Ave and the Georgia Ave-Petworth Metro. The spot has Ethiopian coffee and wifi, plus various house mades juices, as well as Ethiopian breakfasts like ful, a dish with beans, vegetables and spices. I stopped by the other day and had a nice coffee, and they were super friendly. I haven't tried the food yet, but plan on it.

The location was formerly the Amanuel Market, a convenience store -- you can see it on the old Google Streetview picture above.

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  1. For coffee lovers, L'Enfant Florist on Kennedy Street in Brightwood has a nice little cafe set up with DELICIOUS cookies (we had freshly baked ones this morning) and cute shopping for plants and other knickknacks and small gifts (I got some hilarious cards for upcoming bdays and such). Very nice owners. I want to go back to try out some of their classes.


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