Friday, September 28, 2018

Fish in the Hood making good progress, looking great after last year's fire

If you remember, neighborhood mainstay Fish in the Hood at 3601 Georgia Ave NW had a devastating fire in April and started a crowdfunding campaign a few months later. And now it looks like they've made a lot of progress, the place is looking great inside and out.

I walked by the other day and the renovations are really coming along, although it looks like they still need to hook up some of the equipment. There's fresh paint, new awnings and nice looking decorations, and the tiki bar on the outside looks good too. I don't remember it being open before the fire, so I hope that is something that opens too.

The spot has been open since 1996 and a few years again changed their sign from Fish in the Hood to Fish in the neighborHood to reflect the changing area and the close community. I know a lot of people are fans (it's got great reviews on Yelp too), and I'm glad to see this long time small business almost back on its feet.

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