Monday, December 18, 2017

Dude: The History of Cannabis Museum coming to Georgia Avenue

Whoa, dude. Something called The History of Cannabis Museum (get it, THC Museum) is coming to 3626 Georgia Avenue NW, near DC Reynolds and Manny and Olga's. I walked by the other day, it seems to be under construction but their website has opening hours and says there's a $10 admission. A reader wrote a few days ago saying he saw signs for the museum up on street posts.

The museum's site says it's from Grow Club DC, which is an Adams Morgan shop for marijuana growing supplies. You join the Grow Club for $1500 and someone will come install equipment for you to grow your own doobies. DC law says it's legal to have six plants, to possess 2 ounces and to give 1 ounce to someone else, assuming everybody is over 21. You can't sell it legally or smoke it in public. However, under federal law it's still illegal.

The museum has a brief video, presumably of its former location, which has pictures of historical figures and ancient cultures that grew weed or hemp, plus pictures of celebrities smoking -- folks like Bob Marley, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Seth Rogen, plus what looks like a sales counter for pipes and such.

The website is pretty slim on details of what's going to be in this museum. There's a "History" tab but it's about the history of marijuana rather than of the museum. I'll look for more info about it. Sounds pretty wild. Here's another shot of the interior.

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