Friday, March 24, 2017

Meet other Petworth residents today at Homestead for happy hour

This is a neat idea, a few Petworth residents have organized a regular happy hour to meet other neighbors. This month's will be at Homestead, the Southern/American place at 3911 Georgia. They have good food and drinks. Here's more from the Petworth list serve.
People of Petworth! 
Please join us this Friday (3/24) at 9pm for a monthly Friday evening gathering of neighbors and friends. The location will rotate, first up is Homestead on Ga Ave, head to the third floor, password is "the more the merrier".
An idea born out of a few neighbors having a few drinks and meeting a few more neighbors who were doing the same, and inspired by the Grant Circle Social, Sherman Circle Social, First Fridays, and others. 
In case there was any doubt, Petworth is social crazy, let's keep it up!
It's pretty simple really, we usually just need an excuse to get out and have some fun. Well this is that excuse. Handle your dinner and kid's bedtime duties (if you have them) and then come out and have some drinks and meet some new folks. Trade off with your partner, or get a sitter, it's worth it! 
We will try to schedule this every month, and if we really get our act together will create a fb page. There may be name tags involved. 
Oh, and we need a name for this "event". This will be our first and hopefully last agenda item. 
Join us, bring a neighbor and tell a friend!
*Where*: Homestead Roof Deck <
*When*: Friday, March 24th, 9pm to close 
Your neighborly host committee,
Romain Nkoue, Sean Griffin, Tom Pipkin

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