Friday, March 17, 2017

March Madness is upon us: here's where to watch in the area

It's my favorite sports time of year, March Madness -- the NCAA tournament with tons of basketball. There are a lot of good options for watching in our area, and here are my suggestions. If you have your own, let everybody know in the comments!

  • Lou's City Bar, naturally. Tons of TVs and they're also doing shooter specials
  • Meridian Pint, especially downstairs. Lots of TVs plus tasty grub and American craft brew
  • The Pitch, the sports bar up at 4105 Georgia Avenue also has lots of TVs on two floors, and plenty of space
  • Walter's, the sports bar from the DC Reynolds and Looking Glass crew at 3632 Georgia
  • If you wanted less of a sporty-vibe but still a few TVs, the aforementioned DC Reynolds and Looking Glass Lounge next to Walters
  • The Pinch, the dive bar at 3548 14th has a few TVs, as does Zeba at 3423 14th. Both food for more relaxed vibes.
  • Bravo Bar at 2917 Georgia has three or four TVs and lots of good happy hour deals
  • The Airedale at 14th and Spring has lots of TVs and awesome German and British food. A cool spot if you haven't been before.
Who've you got this year? Any other recommendations?

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