Thursday, December 8, 2016

Checking out Odd Provisions: cool spot, lots of nice groceries, food and drink plus premade items

Last night I popped into Odd Provisions, the cool new corner store from Room 11 alums Jess Woods and Rachel Mowrer at 11th and Lamont, and I really liked it. It's a one stop shop for a lot of things, and they have really good quality stuff.

They have a lot of produce, beer and wine, snacks, and lots of groceries from local and craft vendors, as well as nice frozen items, baked goods and in-house premade things like sandwiches and salads. There's also a lot of kitchen staples like olive oil, pasta and pasta sauce, and a lot more.

Woods said the premade sandwiches and salads have been popular, especially a pimento cheese sandwich that was selling so well they started selling just the pimento cheese separately. The baked goods are from Paisley Fig, which also makes them for Room 11 -- other things available were quiche, the pot de creme from Room 11, cheesecake and more. I plan to go back for one of those sandwiches soon.

I didn't snap a good photo of the produce but it looked pretty nice too, and there was a wide range of things, plus eggs and dairy items. They also have ice cream from Milk Cult -- remember them, they had a tasty coffee, breakfast sandwich and ice cream sandwich popup on Georgia Avenue a couple of years ago. It looks like they re-used some of the old refrigerators from the former tenant, Arthur's Grocery.

There was also a nice beer and wine selection, I picked up some Ghost White IPA from Three Stars. The beers ranged from six packs to bigger bottles of fancy craft beers, a lot of it local or from small breweries.

Woods said planned to start offering coffee in January, as well as possibly longer hours too. Currently they're open 11am-9pm.

It's definitely a neat, convenient spot, and they have a lot of what you're probably looking for. Also sounds like a good spot for a tasty to go lunch or dinner. They also have an online shop on their website.

More photos below!

The pre-made cooler:
Dairy items and frozen items:
Beer and wine, plus cooking supplies:
A bit of the produce, they had a lot more:
Zooming in on the cooking supplies and ingredients:


  1. It looks great, all except the floor. I mean did they really keep the old Arthur's flooring? It looks dingy and dirty.

  2. Have been meaning to stop by here since it opened. How are the prices, in general? I'd been hoping this could be a "stop to pick up bread on the way home" everyday kind of place.

  3. I like that they kept the floor, it's neat and old school. It's clean.

    I didn't really check the prices, sorry. I would bet a little bit more expensive than your average corner store since it's higher quality items.

  4. The prices and selection is comparable to somewhere like Each Peach. I highly recommend their sandwiches. The ones that I have tried are very good! I have stopped in for bread a few times now. The baguette that I get is $2-something. They have an awesome 2 bottles/$20 wine selection. They also carry cards, which I thought was a nice touch if you need to pick up a last minute gift.

  5. Not surprising the sandwiches have been steeling well. The neighborhood has been practically begging for a damn deli for three years. I don't think people realize how high the demand is... a deli/bakery would crush it. Lots of families need fast casual places.


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