Tuesday, September 27, 2016

What's the best pharmacy in the area?

I recently got a reader question that stumped me -- what pharmacy in the area would you recommend or not recommend? Any favorites or definitely-avoids?
I have a complicated medical situation and I need a competent pharmacy but am having trouble finding one between CVS, Giant, etc
I've mostly used the CVS at 14th and Irving, which has mostly been fine -- once they were out of something even though they texted me they had it, but thankfully it wasn't a big deal. I filled it from the Target pharmacy, which is coincidentally also a CVS.


  1. Haha. The answer is definitely None of the Above.

  2. Via Facebook and Twitter one person said the CVS at 14th and Irving was terrible and one said the people there were nice. Another used to use Target's pharmacy until they became a CVS, now she uses Walgreens on U Street.

  3. I have had no problem with Giant on Park Road.

  4. Harris Teeters - by far the best.

  5. I use the Target which is now CVS. It's been fine; they fill quickly and pretty convenient.


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