Monday, August 1, 2016

Chez Billy is closed; may become dumpling place or maybe just a renovation

Well, this is odd. Yesterday Petworth News wrote that he heard that Chez Billy at 3815 Georgia abruptly closed for good. However, today PoP writes that it's only closed for August for a "decor refresh" according to the owners, but that readers reported that it will become a dumpling place. PoP says employees told him the same thing. So, who knows. Change appears to be coming.

I only went to Chez Billy once, but I heard they had a great happy hour. It is a pretty big space, I wonder if that was part of the issue, although with the opening of Homestead and the coming Joe Englert-owned Reliable Tavern at Georgia and New Hampshire you'd think there's a little strip forming.

Chez Billy Sud in Georgetown is going to remain open and presumably keep the same concept.

As Petworth News noted, the location is a historic one, formerly a French bakery named Minoux Confectioner, Mueller's Restaurant and then Kushner's Seafood restaurant, followed by Billy Simpson's, a steakhouse and meeting place for prominent African Americans and African diplomats, and then Kaieteur, a Caribbean restaurant. There's a historic plaque on the building that talks more about it. Seems like the building does a good job of talking about our area's history.


  1. I read it on some of the other blogs, but this space seems perfect for another version of American Ice Co down on U St. Same owners, and if they're looking to create a neighborhood hangout spot instead of a date-night restaurant, as I've read on Washingtonian, that food/drink concept is perfect.
    One word: Swatchos

  2. They're definitely closed. Here's a follow-up article on their plans:

  3. Bottom line: Petworth still needs nicer restaurants so I hope this isn't a trend. Bloomingdales has become a dining destination and has continued to thrive with lower crime rates. Let's hope Petworth can follow suit.


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