Monday, May 9, 2016

Whoa: church at 10th and Monroe gutted, to be converted into apartments

The other day I was walking down Monroe Street and spotted this: the old Southern Bethany Baptist Church was completely gutted, with only a few pieces of wood and cinder block walls left.

The building was a sort of Victorian-style townhouse and was sold in 2015 to a developer, who will be completely rebuilding the inside and add an addition to create a three story, five-unit apartment building.

It's kind of odd they chose to keep that little bit of wood and concrete blocks, but I guess it's a good reminder of what used to be there. Too bad they took away that tower and big porch, but I suppose they may add it back.

The property is owned by an LLC, which is common for developers, and the address for their LLC is the same as S&G Realty, so presumably it's them. I can't find any details about the project other than it's underway.

Here's the "before" version from Google Streetview.


Anonymous said...

It's been in this state for probably about a year. I haven't seen any work done since the demo, and they've blocked off all of the sidewalks surrounding the building. Very annoying.

Anonymous said...

The old church at 13th and Monroe is likely facing a similar future. Sad to see an old historic building go.

Colin said...

It's kind of odd they chose to keep that little bit of wood and concrete blocks

Pretty sure there are regulatory reasons for this. My understanding is that if you tear down the entire building and build new then you are subject to a different set of rules than if you leave part of intact so that it qualifies as a renovation or something instead of new construction.

Anonymous said...

There should be a way to get the sidewalks re-opened, they've been closed for over a year and a lot of cars come around that turn fast.

Salford said...
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