Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Video: Hope Solo in Columbia Heights talking about the gender wage gap

This is interesting -- a buddy sent along a video from Vox about the wage gap, starring Hope Solo and filmed partially in Columbia Heights. Solo and Vox's Liz Plank walk down Park Road and hang out at Sticky Fingers talking about the wage gap and her lawsuit against US Soccer over lower wages for the women's team. Plank gets hit by soccer balls and they kick one against the Sticky Fingers wall, too.

I'm not sure why it was filmed in DC, Plank seems to be based in New York and Solo lives in Washington state, but hey, pretty cool! And a lot of screen time for Q & Q Cleaners, the one across the street from the Giant.

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  1. Very cool she did the video in Columbia Heights. I still disagree with her beef about getting paid less than male counterparts in soccer. It is driven by popularity and market demand, the men's teams bring in more revenue. I ask you the question why do NBA players make more than professional Badminton players?


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