Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Huge snowball fight organized at Meridian Hill Park Saturday! Sunday!

UPDATE: it's now on Sunday. Same time.

The blizzard is (maybe) coming, and some folks have already started organizing a snowball fight for Meridian Hill/Malcolm X Park on Saturday Sunday. The Facebook invite has 150+ RSVPs, plus 560+ people who have said they're "interested."

The fight is planned for noon to 3pm at the top of Meridian Hill Park, near the Joan of Arc Statue. A suggestion: bring waterproof gloves.

In 2010 during Snowmaggedon, the big February blizzard that hit our area, folks organized a snowball fight in Meridian Fill Park where 100-200 people showed up; it was awesome. People formed into opposing groups on either side of the Joan of Arc statue and then went bonkers, though in a fun way -- everybody was laughing and high-fiving and having the best time. I wore a horse head mask (before the Hurricane Sandy guy, I proudly add) and when there was a lull in combat, I ran between the two groups; pandemonium ensued.

Someone even brought a keg of beer, but I'd recommend against that this time.

Here's a video of that fight:

Top photo by Vincent Gallegos, second photo by Ruth Klotz-Chamberlin, video by me

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