Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Huge Metro snafu last night at Georgia Avenue-Petworth station: hundreds trapped for hours in tunnel

Let's hope you weren't riding Metro to Petworth last night, as Metro experienced a huge problem. Power went out on the train about 6 pm, stranding it a few hundred feet from the Georgia Avenue-Petworth station, with about 250 people stuck inside, though NBC4 reports that it was more like 500-600 people. Emergency personnel did not arrive for more than an hour, maybe up to 2.5 hours according to Petworth News, and in that time some people self-evacuated by walking away.

The Post has a short article, but leaves out to me what are the damning details. On TV last night, people reported a pregnant woman relieving herself into a plastic bag on the train while shielded by other passengers, and very hot temperatures. Thankfully there were no major injuries. NBC4 has a much more thorough article than the Post.

Metro is not sure what happened, and is investigating. Power came back on around 11 pm. Petworth News has a ton of photos of the aftermath.

It's also crazy that this happened while the Pope was in town, surely one of the worst commute times in recent memory.

It sounds like a real cluster. Metro has to do better.

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