Tuesday, July 21, 2015

The Hilltop gastropub opening on Sherman Ave in September

A couple of years ago we heard about the Hilltop, a new bar and restaurant planned for 2737 Sherman Avenue NW. It's from Kaleabe Getaneh and Sam Jahanbeen, who are both affiliated with the folks behind the Saloon on U Street, and like that establishment will be focused on German and other imported beer and American food.

However, we haven't heard much except for a few construction updates, until Borderstan noticed that their Facebook page says they're opening in September.

The place is at the corner of Sherman and Girard in a big building that they've done a nice job renovating. The building has been vacant for a long time (the city previously had it registered as "vacant-blighted") so it's great to see something new and neat coming. It's also kind of in a gap, there isn't a ton nearby aside from Mama Chuy's and Dulcinea, and those are more restaurants.

The building will have outdoor seating and a big front window that opens all the way (like El Chucho.) According to their liquor license, which was approved, their hours will be 10am-1am Sun-Wed, 10am-2am Thurs-Sat, which suggests to me they'll have brunch. The outdoor areas will be 10am-11pm every day.

If you've been to the Saloon, you might recognize Kaleabe and Sam: Kaleabe is the longtime waiter formerly with dreadlocks (and a great guy) and Sam is the Saloon's owner's nephew.

The Saloon is a good spot too: relaxed, friendly, and they do a lot of community service, like building schools overseas.

Images from their Facebook and Google Streetview


  1. Neither Kaleabe nor Sammy are the "folks behind the Saloon." Kaleabe was a bartender there a while ago and now works sporadically. Sammy is the nephew of Commy, the real person behind the Saloon, and had nothing to do with establishing it or running it. Kaleabe also hasn't had dreads for about four years.

  2. Ok, they are the folks AT the Saloon.

  3. And I already mentioned in the post that Sam is the nephew of the owner.

  4. Thanks "King Flippynips" now that I know they didn't 'originate' the Saloon but rather worked there, I have no desire to go. Especially now that you've shared the breaking news that Kaleabe no longer has dreads which totally ruins it for me!

  5. Walked by yesterday and peaked in. It looks great and the patio space will be excellent!


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