Monday, June 22, 2015

Progess on Chick-fil-A at DCUSA; they are for real, 100% coming and looking at late fall

Just in case you weren't sure that Chick-fil-A was really coming to DCUSA, I spotted some work in the space the other day and floor plans with the Chick-fil-A logo. So it's happening. The controversial chicken restaurant is coming to the old Lime Fresh Mex space on 14th Street.

The Post reported that they're aiming for a late fall opening, and it seems like they are on track.

I'm torn, because I support gay rights but also really like those chicken sandwiches. My plan is to donate to the Human Rights Campaign or another local organization when I go. Got any recommendations for local orgs? Casa Ruby perhaps?

And of course, they'll be closed Sundays.


  1. Ugh, can we stop with the Chick-fil-A hand-wringing? The company promised three years ago to stop funding groups that are against gay rights:

    I'd also suggest reading this:

  2. Sorry,Colin, but no, we should not stop the Chi-fil-A hand-wringing. The profits still continue to go a privately-held company that supports these anti-gay views. They learned their lesson as a company to publicly not make such statements, but that does not change the family's support for these causes. They are entirely entitled to their views - and I am entirely entitled to not give them money, and I hope others choose to not eat there, too.

  3. Chick film a is a Class restaurant and always customer friendly. Politics should never prevent such a quality,beloved company for doing business in D.C. If New York city can have Chick film a then so can we. I for one will give them loads of business. No one mAkes better Chicken sandwiches.


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