Tuesday, June 23, 2015

New Australian coffee shop Habit, open in the old Last Exit space on Mt. Pleasant Street

If you like coffee, you have another option in the neighborhood: Habit, a new coffee shop with an Australian bent.

You may recall Last Exit the underground "speakeasy" cocktail bar that was a sister bar on Tonic, located at 3155 Mt. Pleasant. It was a pretty neat little spot, but closed along with Tonic.

Since then, Tonic has been replaced by Purple Patch, a Filipino restaurant, and the Last Exit space has been empty. But the Purple Patch folks have been working, and now it's open as Habit.

The place will serve coffee from M.E. Swing, a long time local coffee roaster, as well as Australian meat pies, which don't necessarily have meat in them -- as the Post reports, it's an Aussie specialty and varieties include beef and cheese, egg and cheese, and leek and potato. (The co-owner of Purple Patch and Habit is Australian.) They'll have tea too and the flat white, a newly trendy Australian coffee drink kind of like a latte.

M.E. Swing has a shop downtown at 17th and G, and it's pretty delicious, so I expect Habit to be the same. Looking forward to trying them out! Here's their coffee menu from the Purple Patch FB.

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