Monday, April 6, 2015

Radio Shack in DCUSA is closing, big clearance sale now

As part of a company-wide restructuring, the Radio Shack in DCUSA will be closing. There are signs on the store now, which also advertise a big clearance sale. Might be a good time to swing by to pick up a cord or phone charger.

The company had declared bankruptcy with plans to liquidate and close all the stores, but a hedge fund manager launched a plan to keep 1,700 of the 4,000 store open, but focusing more on places where the electronics market isn't saturated -- like, for example, DCUSA, which also includes a Best Buy and Target.

The remaining stores will mainly be in small towns and cities and will be focused more on things people can't wait for, like if they forget or lose a phone charger or hearing aid battery.

Photo by Jacqui

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