Friday, April 24, 2015

New coffee shop and beer & wine bar open at 3118 Georgia: Colony Club (also with tinned seafood)

Folks looking for some pep or a drink on Georgia Avenue now have another option: a new spot called Colony Club just opened at 3118 Georgia Ave NW. It opened on Wednesday.

The name is a reference to owner Max Zuckerman's family, who used to own a flower shop on Georgia called Dave Zuckerman's Colony -- a pretty cool historical reference.

This spot used to be Mama's Southern Cuisine, a two-story space just south of Kenyon Street (the green building above, now painted white.)

They have all manner of coffee and espresso drinks with beans from Ceremony Coffee Roasters, plus craft beers, fancier beers (think Belgian style and other higher-end ones) and also a nice wine selection. The menu also says "spirits" but I don't see any, maybe they're working on that.

They have some food too: breakfast pastries and quiche plus bar snacks like almonds, olives, charcuterie and "tinned seafood" which is a new one to me: they'll have sardines, tuna and mussels, all served with bread, butter, herbs and lemon. I haven't seen that at a bar before, but it does sound pretty tasty.

Park View DC has some photos of the space, which looks very clean and modern, but cozy, and there's also a ping pong table upstairs. I could see having some beers and knocking around some balls.

They'll be open 7am-11pm Monday-Thursday, 7am-midnight Friday, 8am-midnight Saturday, and 8am-5pm Sunday, with the cafe functioning until 5 each day, then switching to the bar.

Here's the old flower shop from their website -- pretty cool.

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  1. Too far to the south. Wish it was farther north on 14th St.


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