Thursday, April 9, 2015

Five Below in DCUSA bans "student" during the day, groups of students in the evening

Five Below, the discount store on Irving in DCUSA, posted a sign in their window saying that "student" (sic) were banned from coming into the store from 9am-3pm, and that only 5 "student" (sic, again) could be in the store at one time from 3-7 pm.

Presumably kids were goofing around in the store, but it seems odd they can ban a group of people. They also had some typo problems on the sign, it should be "students" and there were some stray semicolons in there.

One would assume that kids should be in school from 9-3, though maybe some have early dismissal.

Twitter user Michael Hechter clued me into this weirdness.


  1. Kids would walk in groups and just steal a bunch of stuff and walk out. I saw the cashiers get mad and try stop them, but they obviously couldn't leave the registers with a bunch of customers. Stores can only have so much "shrinkage".

  2. I agree with 1:57 PM Anonymous. I've seen that happen there as well. If those bad apples ruined it for all "student," well, them's the breaks.

  3. Man, in a post that is three sentences long, you managed to poke fun at the grammar and typos 6 times! Seems a bit much. Maybe English isn't their native language. Or maybe it is and they just goofed. At any rate, the errors didn't need to be pointed out, and certainly not repeatedly, when the real point is that they're trying to reduce shoplifting by banning groups of kids.
    Maybe it's not realistic, but what else can they do, really?

  4. I saw the same thing. I think the kids use big groups to distract the employees so they can't tell who took stuff. If they make sure only a few kids walk in at once, it's probably a lot easier to ID the kid who shoplifted.

  5. Pretty sure this violates the Human Rights Act's prohibition on discrimination in public accommodations based on matriculation. See DC Code § 2–1402.31.

  6. I taught in a school just up the block and students go there during lunch time. I don't see how this is legal.


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