Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Brown's Furniture on 14th, going out of business forever, is now Casa Furniture

If you've ever been up 14th Street in northern Columbia Heights, you've probably seen the Brown's Furniture store at 14th and Oak. It's had "going out of business" and close-out banners for basically as long as I can remember, at least a few years. Which obviously draws the question, how can you be going out of business for that long?

They always seemed to be getting in more and more merchandise, despite supposedly closing down. Google Streetview's old images form May of last year even have that same blowout sale sign.

And oddly, they're one of the businesses where Google Street View actually took their cameras inside so you can browse around inside the store from Google Maps. Previously I found interior shots of the Red Derby, Red Rocks and Looking Glass Lounge on Streetview, which are really fun to explore.

But anyway, it seems they have finally actually closed -- or at least changed names. The shop has the "Brown's" part peeled off and has new signs that say Casa Furniture, plus signs in Spanish saying they're hiring. I guess better a kooky furniture store than another cell phone shop.


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  3. These furniture stores all have the same tactic. Some of my customers tell me that they walk in to furniture stores weeks before the removals and find out that the pieces they wanted but didn't buy are still available months after they've moved!


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