Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Tell the Room 11 folks what you want for Slim's Diner, new diner coming to Georgia & Upshur

A bit ago, we heard about Slim's Diner coming to the Murrell Building at Georgia and Upshur from the folks behind Room 11, Petworth Citizen, Upshur Street Books and Crane & Turtle. They plan to open in Summer 2015 and they would like to hear from you!

They're running a short survey on what people would like and not like from the new spot: a TV? What kinds of diner food? Stools? And so on. Help them out -- to me, a diner would be a great addition to the burgeoning Upshur Street strip -- along with the new Twisted Horn cocktail bar from the Hank's Oyster Bar folks.

They also have a new Facebook page, though without a lot of info so far.

I'm definitely excited for it.


Jacqui said...

I hope they take my suggestion of hush puppies and Monte Cristo sandwiches seriously.

Andrew W said...

That sounds awesome.