Thursday, January 15, 2015

What's the best happy hour (or otherwise) deal in the neighborhood?

drinks and beverages Inspired by Qualia's coffee happy hour, and a chat with my buddy, I was thinking -- what do you think is the best happy hour deal in the neighborhood? Let us know in the comments what your favorite is, and I'll compile the best ones for a future post.

To start things off has to be Bravo Bar's happy hour -- the relaxed neighborhood spot at Georgia and Hobart offers a beer, shot and hot dog for $6 before 8 pm, then after 8 it's $6 for just the beer and shot -- still a good deal. And the Red Derby at 14th and Quincy has daily food deals, like half-price burgers on Mondays, half-price seafood on Sunday, and so on. Red Rocks also has a half-price wine night on Mondays.

I take advantage of those as much as I can, but I'm sure there are other food or drink deals around. Let us know!


  1. Bravo Bar - Beer, shot and a hotdog for six bucks.

    Mothership - 3 courses for 20 bucks menu

    DCReynolds - Two for one

    Redrocks - HH Menu

  2. Does Lyman's have a Happy Hour? I love that place. Wish the food options were a tad better/ more variety, but really enjoy going there.

  3. Lou's has the best deal on Wednesdays when all their drafts are 1/2 off all night.

  4. Bravo and Red Derby's are great, as is Meridian Pint whenever they do their tap cleaning night. I also enjoy Acre 121's daily hh, which may be $5 but covers every draft/wine/rail drink you could want, and they have it late night some days.


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