Monday, January 5, 2015

Vandals knock down Little Free Library at 11th and Irving, will be back up soon (getting lots of use!)

Earlier this week, PoP reported that the Little Free Library installed at 11th and Irving was down. I reached out to the folks who put it up originally and they confirmed that someone knocked it down on Jan. 1, but that they'd put it back up shortly. They also had a nice note about how much it was getting used by the community, which is great.
Sadly, someone appears to have pulled it down on the night of Jan 1. Certainly, not the best start to the new year. The only good news is that they left it on the curb nearby and it was relatively undamaged. We’re going to put it back up, but we need to make a new base as there was some significant structural damage to it. We’re hoping to get it back up next weekend.

All in all, it’s just really sad as the community really seemed to be using it. There was a turnover of about 10 books a day that we noticed, so potentially significantly more. We actually had a neat experience where a woman waiting for the bus came up to us and told us that she was so excited it was there as she couldn’t afford books to read to her son but now she was able to bring home new books to read to him. We had just been so excited that the community had taken such ownership and were constantly keeping it stocked with books. It’ll be back soon though.
That's a shame, but great they're putting it back up and that people are using it.

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