Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Mad Momos restaurant on 14th is permanently closed

Some sad news from northern Columbia Heights: Mad Momos, the American and Himalayan restaurant and beer deck, is now permanently closed. PoP reports that they attached a note to their door, which is below.

It's a shame, I always really enjoyed the place -- they had great momos (Himalayan dumplings,) Asian noodle dishes and salads, and lots of good deals on drinks. It was a very attractive space, the staff were always friendly and the owner, Wanchuk, was a super nice guy. They had brunch too, but I didn't get a chance to check it out -- Yelpers seemed to like it.

I hope everybody involved lands on their feet.

Here's the note on the door, according to PoP:
mad momos is CLOSED. 
Dear Friends and Patrons of mad momos, 
Season’s greetings and Happy New Year to you. The management at mad momos thank you for all the support and amazing times these past few years. Regrettably, we have reached a point in our business where we need to share a difficult decision with you. We have decided to shift our business and focus our attention on opportunities that will better enhance our community in Columbia Heights. Therefore, it is with regret that mad momos will no longer be continuing its operation in the New Year. 
A special thanks to our neighborhood and all the staff, past and present without which we could not have made this possible. This has been the most rewarding and unforgettable experience. We have had an amazing run with great success. Please stay tuned for something new and exciting coming soon. 
We deeply appreciate all your unending support and most of all, your friendship. We wish you a healthy and happy 2015. 
Warmest regards,

mad momos family

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  1. Well, that stinks. I really like that place.
    What are the efforts that "better enhance [the] community"?


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