Wednesday, January 21, 2015

How awesome would a beer garden (or big outdoor patio) be at 13th and Upshur?


The other day I was walking to Annie's Ace Hardware on Upshur and noticed a few big, empty buildings. They looked like they used to be warehouses or light industrial facilities, and there was a huge open lot on the corner.

The first thing that came to mind was "wouldn't this be an awesome beer garden?" There's tons of room for tables and such, and the warehouse space would be good for a kitchen and inside bar. Or it could just be a bar or restaurant with a lot of open space. It's a neat looking building too and looks very open inside.

I don't really know any restauranteurs or bar-owners, but I hope somebody gets inspired and makes this happen! Upshur Street Beer Garden!


  1. This would be awesome as a beer garden. I believe the plot is part of the the GEICO auto body shop adjacent to it?

    A while back I heard that the property next to Qualia Coffee is going to be a beer garden. Works does seem to be progressing along with the site. Hopefully a beer garden will come to fruition there come spring time!

  2. Meh... we have enough places to get drunk. For a space that large I'd much rather see a decent garden shop (Annies tries, but doesn't quite cut it), or a gym.

  3. I've always thought any of these buildings could be a Union Market concept. Have you been to Union Market in NoMa? It's amazing. Great place to hang out with friends and neighbors. Cool stuff to buy as well.

  4. Beer garden would be nice; gym would be better.

  5. There's a Crossfit gym next door: link


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