Thursday, October 23, 2014

Where's all the Halloween decorations in the neighborhood?

Halloween on 13th

Columbia Heights, where's your Halloween spirit? The holiday is only about a week away, but I've seen bery few houses with any decorations up -- even simple stuff like a pumpkin or a spider web.

This is too bad. To me, Halloween is one of the most fun holidays, both for kids and for adults -- you get to dress up, get (or give) candy, and constantly be amused by the variety of costumes. (There are also often awesome parties for us grown-ups as well.)

Walking up to Annie's Ace Hardware this weekend, I spotted this great example near 13th and Kansas, and there are a smattering elsewhere, but there are also whole blocks without a thing on them.

It's not like the decorations aren't available -- Target and CVS both have inexpensive and easy to set up stuff like cobwebs you drape over bushes or fences, foam tombstones, plastic skeletons and the like, and Annie's even had leaf bags that look like Jack-o'-Lanterns. Plus everybody sells pumpkins in all ranges of sizes. I've tried to put up a bit on my place to try to get the neighbors to do it too -- no luck so far.

So let's get on it, folks. I think decorating is fun on its own, but at least do it to amuse some local kids.

It's almost like people don't know it's Halloween.

Do They Know It's Hallowe'en - N.A.P.H.I - The North American Halloween Prevention Initiative from D.A.D.D.Y on Vimeo.


  1. there is a freaky, bloody yard on the 1300 block of hamilton across from the park. check it out. if you dare.

  2. Given how much stuff gets stolen around here, I'm always surprised when I see anything at all put up.


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