Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The Washington Post likes Bravo Bar, and for good reason

A few months ago I wrote about Bravo Bar, the great neighborhood bar at 2917 Georgia Avenue NW: it's a friendly, relaxed place with a fantastic happy hour -- $6 beer, shot and hot dog until 8 pm, and after that the beer and shot for $6. 

And now it's getting some high praise from the Washington Post. The Post's Tim Carman calls it "a rare modern dive: a place true respect for the working man," and there's a lot of nice things to say. Carman likes pretty much all the food, heaping praise on the burger, the pupusas, the cheeseteak and the wings, while giving credit to the happy hour deals. I can confirm the pupusas are tasty, I have yet to try the rest. (In fact, the only thing he didn't like was the grilled cheese sandwich.)

There's also a bit about Michael Ressom, the friendly owner who is frequently behind the bar -- he's a super nice guy, and opened the bar with his two brothers.

It's a nice piece about a great place. (It also features in the Georgia Avenue Bus Bar Crawl.) Check out Bravo if you haven't already been.

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