Friday, October 24, 2014

Someone on 11th Street is serious about No Parking signs

No parking, seriously

I spotted this on 11th Street during Columbia Heights Day: it's an interesting collection of No Parking and other signs affixed to a light pole. There's a smattering of signs that look like official city signs, then some others that don't, and one says it's reserved for #1-107" whatever that means.

I wonder what the story is behind it? There's a handicapped symbol and what looks like a handicapped permit on it, so maybe the person who lives there is disabled and needs parking close to their house. If that's the case, I hope it works.

There's also some hand painted signs and I first saw it during Columbia Heights Day, where there were lots of artists and craftspeople, so it could also be some kind of folk art. I was surprised that it hadn't been removed, since it seems to be building on an existing city-placed sign, but it was affixed by sturdy metal fasteners.

Another interesting thing about 11th Street.


  1. "Reserved for #1-107" means it's reserved for the person with city-issued handicap placard #1-107. I imagine he/she is sick of people parking in the spot that is supposed to be reserved for him/her. Cars can get towed for parking in those spots, but it takes time.

  2. Thanks JCM, that's good to know. I am not familiar with these parking rules.

  3. I've seen signs that reserve a street space for the holder of a specific disabled placard, but this doesn't look like an official "Reserved for..." sign. It just looks #1-107 is trying to keep other people from parking there.


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