Monday, October 20, 2014

Columbia Heights Day recap: good times, great turnout

Big crowd I realized I forgot to write about Columbia Heights Day, which was Sunday, October 11. Despite the rain, there was a really good turnout, even up until the end.

I went by around 4 pm and explored 11th Street, where there were lots of vendors -- local businesses like Room 11 and Paisley Fig, Red Rocks, Meridian Pint; craftspeople and artisans; food vendors from outside the neighborhood and tons of folks running for office. Among others, I saw booths for mayoral candidates David Catania and Muriel Bowser, Board of Education candidates David Do, Laura Wilson Phelan and Scott Simpson, and at-large council candidate Eugene Puryear.

There was also a bouncy castle for kids, a tricycle race for adults officiated by Wonderland co-owner Rose Donna, and a stage at 11th and Kenyon. By the time I arrived, the petting zoo at the Tubman School field had packed up, but there were still lots of people out, which was awesome to see.

Then after it started to wind up, I spent some time on the Wonderland patio while they showed ET on the big screen in the Tubman School field.

In all, a lot of fun. What did you think? Here's a few pictures I snapped.

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