Tuesday, September 9, 2014

New furniture and home decor shop, Mara Home, at 14th and V

There's a new addition to 14th Street's booming furniture corridor: Mara Home at 2213 14th Street NW, between W and Florida.

The shop, opened by Kathleen Mara, who founded the popular Homebody in Capitol Hill. Mara has a lot of modern furniture, textiles, rugs, decor and other home items in a nice open space. When I stopped in the other day, Mara told me she thought the area was a good one for home decor and furniture and had been wanting to open a new shop for some time. (She also said she was not related to Patrick Mara, the former Ward 1 council candidate.)

It was a pretty neat spot, and the other day they had a sign for 30% floor models -- they're getting in new stock and wanted to sell what they had.

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