Friday, September 12, 2014

Alcohol delivery services coming to Columbia Heights


Prepare for more ways to get alcohol. The city has recently approved a few businesses that will delivery alcohol to your door, just like if you ordered a pizza. Drizly, Klink and Ultra are the three services, and they include some of our area.

Drizly hasn't yet published their coverage map, though my place in northern Columbia Heights is included. According to DCist, they deliver to Adams Morgan and Columbia Heights, but don't yet deliver to Mt. Pleasant, and it's unclear to me exactly how they define the areas they do cover -- would Columbia Heights include Park View and Pleasant Plains? Ultra includes the 20009 and 20010 zip codes, and Klink only says "Washington, DC" as well as Ann Arbor, Mich. and Orlando, Fla.

They all seem to only deliver when liquor stores are open, so no 3 am and the party is running out of booze salvation.

Drizly is a smartphone app, and prices seem a bit more expensive than in a shop, but not by much -- most craft beer seems a dollar or two more than retail, starting at about $10.99, while liquor starts at about $20 for things like Absolut Vodka or Dickel Whiskey. The selection seems to be enormous, hundreds of kinds of alcohol, and they have some really expensive stuff too: I saw a few $200+ old Scotch bottles. Ultra has similar prices and a huge selection as well but a $50 minimum, while Klink has similar prices but a much smaller selection, only about 20 items total and only one kind of beer.

I hope this doesn't affect our local liquor stores (I'm quite fond of CC's at 14th and Newton and Lion's on Georgia) but it sounds like Ultra and Drizly at least works with local shops.

It's an amazing world we're living in. Photo by Daniel Lobo

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