Monday, July 7, 2014

What's the best Chinese food in the area?

Got a good question from a reader the other day, what do you think?
Any suggestions for a GOOD chinese restaurant in the Heights? I'm sick of Panda Express, but it's 4 star gourmet compared to some of the chinese restaurants that specialize more in chicken wings and mambo sauce rather than chinese. Help me Columbia Heights blog, you're my only hope! (Well, one of a few hopes, but yeah, you get my drift).
I usually order from Mr. Chen's Organic in Woodley Park which seems vaguely healthy, but I also really like Great Wall Szechuan on 14th near R. They have a separate menu with actual, authentic Szechuan food -- I really like the twice cooked pork. (It's the Ma La menu here.)

What is your favorite Chinese place in the area? Either takeout/delivery or eat in, but aside from Panda Express I can't think of any where you dine in.


  1. Dannie's in Petworth (on Upshur) is fast, cheap, and pretty good.

  2. Johnny's Carryout is pretty shady looking, but I've never been disappointed with the food. It's quick and tasty, but I don't have high standards when it comes to Chinese, so this might not impress the person asking.
    I've also had Mr. Chen's delivered, and liked it, but when I just want to pick something up close to home, Johnny's is my Chinese food go to.

  3. It's a bit of a hike, but Twin Dragon Carryout at 3rd and Kennedy is really great. The place looks kind of sketchy when you first walk in but the food is phenomenal and very fairly priced (check on the Yelp reviews).

  4. Folks on Twitter also recommend Golden China -- there seems to be one way up Georgia near Maryland and one in Shaw.

  5. All the places on Georgia Av are crap. Truly unclean and I can't imagine what they put in the food. These "carry out" places have lost their usefulness in my book! I like Sichuan Pavillion or Great Wall.

  6. The Chinatown carry-out on Mt. Pleasant St. across from Lamont park is good.

    The best Chinese is found outside DC, One place is China Garden in Rosslyn. It is a block from the Rosslyn Metro station.
    1100 Wilson Blvd. (Upper Mall floor) (building also contains WJLA-7, NewsChannel8 & POLITICO operations)Also serves Dim Sum on weekends.
    Another is Oriental East Restaurant in Silver Spring.
    1312 East-West Highway, Silver Spring, MD. Near Silver Spring Metro station in a shopping center. Intersection of East-West Highway & Colesville Rd. Also serves Dim Sum on weekends.
    A third is out-of-the-way but a good drive out Rockville Pike.
    New Fortune Restaurant
    16515 S. Frederick Avenue, Gaithersburg, Md. It is about a mile or so from the Shady Grove Metro station. Also serves Dim Sum on weekends.
    The Chinese restaurant in Chinatown are tourist traps. The only good one I like is Eat First. 609 H St. N.W. Does not serve Dim Sum.
    Another you could try in Chinatown is Full Key Restuarant.
    509 H St. N.W. Mostly noodles but has other dishes. No Dim Sum. Takes cash only.

  7. Sichuan Pavilion on 18th and K is pretty amazing for lunch and dinner. It is my favorite.

  8. I really like City Lights of China on Connecticut Avenue. Haven't been to the Wok n Roll in Adams Morgan, but the Chinatown location has decent food as well.

  9. Is there a way to close down the Chinese restaurant on 11th at Lamont for "poor presentation and excessive use of lard?

  10. @ Dan Chan... I would have agreed with you two years ago BUT the best Chinese in the area is now at Panda Gourmet at the Days Inn on NY Ave in NE. It is one of the most authentic Chinese spots on the east coast... surprising but true... do yourself a favor (if you like real Chinese food) and check it out! By the way, I second Great Wall Sichuan on 14th and actually I don't mind Full Kee at 5th and H. For American Chinese who doesn't like Mei Wah... it is still the gold standard when it comes to presentation (which is piss poor these days for most Chinese eateries unfortunately).

  11. Mei wah on New Hamshire, west of dupont circle.

  12. I have been ordering from Eddie's Cafe for 6 years. They are in Adams Morgan but deliver to the area. It is consistently good, standard Chinese take out and reasonable (for $9.50 you can get a dinner special with a generous serving of meat, fried rice, a soup, vegetable roll, and wonton crackers).


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