Monday, July 21, 2014

Awesome dish: Kangaroo Boxing Club's "F--k It Bucket"

A couple of weekends ago I was at Kangaroo Boxing Club with some friends, having a few drinks. It got late and we got hungry, and we noticed something on the late night menu, served from 11pm-1:30am Friday and Saturday: the "F--k It Bucket," listed as "$10 bowl of awesome, no take backsies." Basically, it's whatever food they choose to put in a big bowl. So of course we got it, and it was pretty great (as drunk food goes.)

The bucket's contents vary, depending on the whims of the staff, but in this case it was ground beef with gravy, fries, and dinosaur-shaped chicken nuggets (not on the menu, just a funny thing to put in there, we guessed) all topped with macaroni and cheese -- sort of a weird version of poutine, basically. It was also enormous, a ton of food for $10. Another version that a City Paper writer tried included a duck egg, pulled pork pizza, fries, tomatoes, jalapenos and more. Fries are always involved, beyond that it's anybody's guess (they'll also do a vegetarian or vegan version if you want that.)

I tried taking a picture, but it didn't look appetizing, despite completely hitting the spot on our need for food. But take my word for it, if you're hungry after a few drinks, it's well worth it. (The rest of the late night menu is pretty good too.)


  1. The eff it bucket is amazingly delicious. It's nice that a place with that good of food has their kitchen open that late. KBC has definitely become one of my go-to's for good late night food.

  2. The Dino Nuggets are on the Kid's Menu.


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