Thursday, June 12, 2014

What's the best street food in Columbia Heights?

The other day I was walking down 14th Street near Parkwood and spotted a lady selling snow cones outside Chickas. It was hot so I went for one, and was pleasantly surprised -- as well as a lot of flavors, she had some tasty strawberry flavored syrup with actual strawberries in it, and it was pretty great. That got me thinking: what's the best street food in our neighborhood?

So I put together this little poll of all the ones I can think of -- the street corn lady who is spotted about 14th Street, the aforementioned snow cone lady, the guy who sells coconuts and other stuff near the Red Derby, who cuts the coconut with a machete, the lady who sells fruit in plastic bags, often with hot sauce, the snow cone guy who pushes the little cart around, and the hot dog stand outside DCUSA. (And an option for "other" in case I'm missing any.)

So vote for your favorite! And leave your suggestions, opinions or folks I missed in the comments!

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  1. Tito's. His family manufactures his ice cream now and distributes it out of Florida. It's great stuff.


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