Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Nadeau beats Graham, Bowser beats Gray in primaries; how was your voting?

It was a night of upsets (of sorts) in the Democratic primary election. Brianne K. Nadeau, activist and ANC commissioner defeated long time councilmember Jim Graham for the Ward 1 seat, while Ward 4 councilmember Muriel Bowser took first place in the mayoral primary over Vince Gray. Ward 6 councilmember Tommy Wells was 3rd.

In the at-large race, Anita Bonds won handily, taking 53% to Nate Bennett-Flemings' 22% and John F. Settles' 14%.

Here's the full election results, Bowser took 44% of the vote to Gray's 33%, while Nadeau won handily, taking 58% to Graham's 40%.

However, this isn't the end of the road for Bowser and possibly Nadeau -- Bowser will face independent councilmember David Catania in the general election for mayor, while Nadeau may face ANC commish Bryan Weaver, who dropped out of the race so there would only be one candidate against Graham. Weaver ran in the past against Graham in a multi-candidate race and lost.

As for the other elections, Phil Mendelson, as expected, dominated in the council chair race, Congressional Delegate Eleanor Holmes-Norton was unopposed and Paul Strauss beat Pete Ross for shadow senator. The full results page includes the Democratic state committee elections too, which are internally party positions.

My voting was a breeze, I walked into the school at about 7 pm, was second in line and voted in no time. A few folks walked in trying to vote and were told they weren't because they were independent -- since this was a primary, only people with a party could vote. Reporters said they heard from many angry people about this, so it sounds like the city should do a better job of messaging this next time -- or, better yet, switch to an open primary system.

How was your voting experience?


  1. I voted near my office, outside of my home ward of Ward 1, with a special ballot. Unfortunately, this didn't allow me to vote in the Ward 1 Councilmember race. I'm so glad that Nadeau pulled through despite not having my vote.

  2. Even a procrastinator could easily get in and out of the voting booth. Nobody is reporting on the Rent Is Too Damn High line of candidates -- some of them made it.

  3. I really hope that Bryan Weaver runs against Brianne.

  4. Agreed. I want Weaver to run against Nadeau.


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