Thursday, April 10, 2014

Get free training for your nonprofit!

If you run or work at a non-profit, here's a great opportunity to get some leadership training!

The Advisory Board Company, which works with companies and non-profits to improve their operations, is offering a free leadership seminar on April 23. Details are below.
The Advisory Board Company has a message for your nonprofit readers: we want to train you for free.

For the first time in our 35–year history, the Advisory Board is offering nonprofit community organizations around the country the opportunity to participate in a leadership forum on April 23rd led by our foremost experts – normally valued at $2,000 per person – free of charge.

The Advisory Board was inspired to create the Community Impact Catalyst offering after repeatedly hearing from our nonprofit community partners how difficult it is to invest in professional development for staff. According to a recent survey by ProInspire, nine out of ten nonprofit managers believe that that leadership training will make them more effective in their roles, yet only half of them have received such training since assuming a role managing direct reports.

“Healthcare leaders, like non-profit leaders face all of the challenges of a traditional business – cost management, strategic planning, communication, technology adoption, revenue management, and so on”, said Mike Wagner, Executive Director of the Advisory Board’s Talent Development arm. “Plus, these leaders – both in  healthcare and in non-profits – face the added burden of never wanting to turn away a person in need…always needing to find a way to say “yes” to those who come to  them for help. 

“Historically, our work has supported healthcare leaders who are passionate about their mission, but  few of whom  have had  the advantage of advanced leadership education.  Non-profit  leaders face the same challenges, the same difficult dynamic, and we are confident that our research and our curriculum can help  them better lead their non-profit agencies and organizations.”

In 2013, the Advisory Board reached a milestone in corporate volunteerism that is rare and possibly even unique – a 100% employee participation rate incommunity service. Drawing on the staff creativity and passion that inspired this achievement, this year the firm’s Community Impact program is focused on providing community partners with professional services support that has the potential to generate transformative change on a larger scale.  

Session registration is open until April 22nd, and there are still a handful of spots available


  1. Sharkey here.

    How do you register for the event? It is not listed on their website.

  2. Use this link if you are interested in attending or want to learn more about this event....

  3. I've heard the Advisory Board Company is a great place to work. They were a sponsor of my AmeriCorps program.


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