Wednesday, April 30, 2014

DC public school boundaries may change: do yours? Give feedback to the city about it

If you have a child, or may have one soon, this may be of interest. DC Public Schools is redrawing boundaries and asking for feedback on their proposed changes.

One option to learn about the changes and give feedback to the city's Advisory Committee is Our DC School, a website made by parents and Code for DC, a local group that uses computer programming for good.

You put in your address and it shows your current and proposed schools, as well as options for school lotteries and "choice sets" where you can pick from a list of schools. You're able to rate the changes with smiley faces to frowny faces and also provide your feedback in text. A pretty neat site, and it explains what all the proposed changes and rules mean.

It seems that some folks will stay the same, some folks will go to worse schools, and others to better schools.

What do you think of the site?

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