Friday, March 14, 2014

Want to buy the Rib Pit and Rib Pit Lounge?

Walking around northern Columbia Heights the other day, I noticed that the Rib Pit, the longtime rib joint at 14th and Randolph, is now for sale. It's been closed for some time (and the adjoining Rib Pit Lounge has been closed for even longer) but I haven't noticed the for sale sign before.

Food-wise, at least, it doesn't seem like we'll be missing much. I never tried it, but it gets mediocre reviews at best on Yelp and the bad ones seem more convincing than the good ones -- folks mention spoiled-tasting cole slaw and inedible mac and cheese. Not good.

I can't find much about the place online, but it looks like it's been there for some time.

And considering it's for sale, it might be a good spot for another restaurant, a bar, or even a coffee shop. Would be nice to have a coffee shop up in that neck of the woods, right?


  1. As a very close neighbor to this joint, I'd love to buy it and turn it into a coffeeshop/cafe with light lunches and a few beers on tap, sort of like Tryst.

    2 small obstacles:
    a) I got no money, and
    b) I got no idea how to run a restaurant.

    So, someone else please do this!

  2. .......I used to eat there.... can't believe it's been closed.

    Not we got hipster BBQ joints with way dry and way salty meat

  3. I lived across the street from the Rib Pit from 2005-2010. That place was a gem. The food was better than average, and the service both unique and exceptional.

    They kept a Washington Post article up on their plexiglass that talked about how the place had been open for forty years (or so).

    My wife once asked when the adjacent Rib Pit Lounge was last open. The answer, "I don't know. At least since the late 70s."

  4. How about something a little upscale? We have enough hole in the walls. It probably already has the kitchen hookups... Should be an easy renovation. With Red Derby and the new tavern opening up across the street, a decent restaurant or eatery could do really well. No more Mexican pls. And no plexi glass, bars or takeout place.

  5. Those two places sold a few months back. The sign up now is for LEASE not for sale. The folks who purchased both properties just bought the spaces to lease to someone who may turn it into something interesting. It's a shame it wasn't purchased by someone with more interest than flipping.

  6. Yesterday I saw that the For Lease sign was hanging by one corner and there were two men measuring the sign size. Maybe it's getting ready to transition...


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