Thursday, March 27, 2014

More on Lyman's bar coming to 14th and Spring: coming soon, pinball, popcorn, more

I've been following Lyman's for some time, it's the new bar coming next door to 3720 14th Street NW, next to the Red Derby.

Last we heard (and saw) there was going to be an indoor/outdoor bar, a jukebox with classic soul, country and doo-wop, a pinball table, and snacks. The idea is for it to be a relaxed neighborhood bar with 70 seats inside and 20 outside plus a small kitchen for snacks.

Since then we've heard some more. They're close to opening, but we don't know exactly when. They were hoping for March a few months ago, but it seems they might miss that.

They'll also have four pinball machines, enough to host a league, and a popcorn machine. And unlike their neighbor the 'Derb, they'll accept credit cards.

So it's not a ton of news, but it sounds pretty great to me!


  1. I wish they would keep the graffiti on the side of the building--it would add some character. Or if they wanted to get rid of it, paint a mural, like at Dacha.

  2. How about they paint what they want? Sorry it won't satisfy your sensibilities for authentic "Gangsta" culture.

  3. The graffiti can be gone as far as I'm concerned. Good riddance. Hope this in addition to the new owner of the Rib Joint will help turn this area around. However, if Lyman's doesn't have a kitchen not offer food, I doubt I'll go much.

  4. Lyman's will have a kitchen. The graffiti has been gone. Take a look at the building, it has a fresh coat of paint and looks great!


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