Monday, February 24, 2014

Zeba Bar launches weekly Cards Against Humanity games on Mondays

This is a pretty clever idea -- a reader let me know that Zeba Bar, the laid back spot at 3423 14th Street NW, is starting a weekly game of Cards Against Humanity every Monday starting at 9pm.

If you aren't familiar, Cards Against Humanity is a hilarious card game, sort of a dirty/offensive version of Apples to Apples. One person picks a card, like "science will never explain _______" (to pick a relatively clean one) then the players pick other cards to fill in the blank.

It can get as lewd or awful as you want, or could remain fairly tame -- up to you. I picked this relatively PG-13 one from their website.

Sounds like a fun time. If you haven't been before, Zeba is a chill spot during the week and also has big dance parties and bands on the weekends. Worth checking out.

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