Friday, December 20, 2013

Big line for Nike sneakers at SportsZone in DCUSA today, Saturday

If you noticed a big crowd today on your way to work, you probably saw folks trying to get some cool new shoes.

SportsZone, the shoe and sporting goods store on 14th Street in DCUSA, was offering tickets to be able to buy the Nike Air Jordan Retro Gamma, which looks like this, and the Nike Foamposite 1 Meteor. They look pretty wacky to me, but I'm not an Air Jordans guy.

The event is going on today, so expect a crowd there for a while. Apparently there were a lot of police cars there earlier, I guess in case it got crazy. It seemed pretty tame when I passed by around 9:30 am, I only saw maybe 1 or 2.

I believe these are part of Nike's (and other shoe companies') plans to release rare shoes occasionally, so sneakerheads have to really pay attention to get the new coolest ones.

UPDATE: They'll also be giving out the tickets for shoes tomorrow: "We're giving them Sat morning at 8am but if there is a line forming during the day, we''ll give them at closing time tonight"

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