Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Where are all the Halloween decorations in the neighborhood?

Halloween on 13th

It seems Columbia Heights isn't into the Halloween spirit this year. I've noticed very few houses with any decorations, let alone big, impressive displays. I feel like there has been more in the past, but maybe because of the unseasonably warm weather or something almost nobody has put anything up. I don't think it's too early either, Halloween is only 9 days away.

I hope that doesn't mean there will be that many fewer people giving out candy to kids. I've noticed a real uptick in trick-or-treaters in the past few years, which is really nice to see (and fun!)

So come on folks, let's get into the spirit. It's fun for kids, and fun for adults too. (I will also admit that I haven't done anything either, but plan to go to Target and get some skeletons and stuff, as well as lots of candy.)

Above is one of the few displays I've seen, some spider webs up at 13th and Monroe. Are there any other good ones around? I remember often seeing some on Irving, Park and Harvard, but haven't seen those either.


  1. dude! check out the 1300 block of hamilton across from hamilton park. wicked scene there!

  2. Duly noted! Though that's more Petworth. Come on, Columbia Heightsters, let's not let Petworth beat us!


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