Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Has your commute been affected by the shutdown?

Metro While the shutdown is hopefully ending soon (fingers crossed) I've noticed that it seems to have affected the traffic patterns and the commute. Today the 14th Street bus was virtually empty, though maybe that's also because of the holiday yesterday.

Assuming you are still working (sorry if you aren't! That really sucks) how was it been for you? Faster, the same, slower?

I was pretty happy I could sit anywhere on the bus and it seemed quicker too, maybe because there were fewer people waiting to be picked up. I haven't noticed an effect on Capital Bikeshare and I don't usually take the Metro in the mornings, but has anybody noticed a difference there?

(Someone else mentioned more business at coffee shops in the mornings, maybe from people wanting to get out of the house.)

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  1. Since parts of Rock Creek are carless, there's large stretches of safe bike riding now.


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