Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Columbia Heights Food Market: nice new grocery store on 14th, will serve carryout Ethiopian food soon

Columbia Heights Food Market The other day a reader mentioned that there's a new store called the Columbia Heights Food Market at the corner of 14th and Oak Street NW, in the Hubbard Place apartment building.

I checked it out yesterday and was impressed -- it's bigger than a convenience store, and reminded me more of Yes! Organic Market than anything else.

It's been open about three weeks according to the lady at the counter, and they had a nice variety of groceries, including some fruits and veggies, plus Ethiopian, Latin American and even some European food items. They also had a ton of drinks in a big cooler, including fancy green tea and such, and bulk grains. They don't plan on serving beer or wine, the lady said.

The store is actually pretty big, clean and fairly modern, and had a lot of the things I'd be looking for. It's not Giant, but definitely a good middle ground (and plus no crazy lines like Giant.) Check them out.

And something else awesome: the lady said they'd start serving carryout Ethiopian food soon, which sounds great. They had a little counter area in the back. After the tasty Tegeste closed, there hasn't been an Ethiopian place in the area -- there's Kokeb on Georgia and Dynasty at about 14th and W, but those are fairly far away. I could sure go for some carryout Ethiopian food.

Here's a not great shot of part of the interior -- it's maybe 5 times bigger than this, and takes up the whole corner space. (I forget what used to be there.)

Columbia Heights Food Market


  1. Is that where the Latin American Youth Center used to be? http://goo.gl/maps/L5e6Y

  2. I live around the corner and just discovered it the other day as well; what a great addition to the neighborhood. As I recall there had been a school in the location previously, but I don't remember what it was.

  3. Just fyi,Columbia Heights Coffee recently started serving Ethiopian food as well.


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