Friday, August 2, 2013

CC's Liquor Store at 14th and Monroe is back open

CC's Liquor Store
Good news, booze fans in Columbia Heights. I'd gotten notes from a few readers asking about CC's Liquor at 14th and Monroe -- it had been closed for a few days and folks worried it was closed for good. However, that's thankfully not the case.

I emailed ANC chair Kent Boese, who put me in touch with Sarah Fashbaugh of the district's Alcoholic Beverage Regulatory Administration, who confirmed they are still open, just that the owner had been sick for a few days.

CC's is the spot I go to most often, so that's good to know. The owners, a couple, are nice folks, and they have a pretty good selection -- you can often find some kind of unusual bourbon or something, and the prices aren't too bad. So go check them out!

Photo by Mr. T in DC

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