Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Mexican street corn (elote) stand at 14th and Newton!

Elote (Grilled Mexican Corn): Topped with Butter, Mayonnaise, Cotija, Cayenne & Lime Juice

I think I just found my new meal. Yesterday a buddy and I were at Zeba Bar at 14th and Newton (pretty decent happy hour until 8) and saw a street corn stand on the corner. If you aren't familiar, street corn, called elote in Spanish, is a traditional street snack of grilled corn on the cob covered in Cotija cheese, spices and mayo. It's pretty fantastic, and El Chucho has an awesome version of it.

I had just eaten so I didn't try out the actual street variety at this lady's stand, but she said she's out there most days until 8 pm. I'll definitely be back.

(Photo by Julia Frost of elote not from 14th and Newton, but that's what it looks like.)

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